White Copal 30g

Copal incense is available in a number of different varieties. This White Copal (Also known as Moon Copal and Gum Damar) is from Indonesia. The material has a verity of uses but is most commonly used as an incense or room freshener. Also used for spiritual purification, to create a sacred space, it is said to bring peace, calmness and happiness to the mind and spirit. Sweeter smelling and less rich than dark Copal this material has a sweet and clean scent.

Our material is pure and natural and unprocessed, so do expect a little color variation from batch to batch.

Store in a cool, dark area (preferably air conditioned), to promote long life for the material.

Resin is incense in its most pure form, top of the line in incense burning. Resins have been used for thousands of years right through to today in religious ceremonies by many religions and are also popular for the beautiful and pure scents they release. The scents released are fragrant, pure and intense so only a small amount is needed - so even a small bag will go farther than you think. You do not use these granules like 'normal' incense sticks or cones. You will need a heat resistant container and charcoal tablets to burn the granules over. Resin incense will not burn on its own.