Radiance Serum 18ml

The luxurious Radiance Day & Night Serum is a stunning 100% natural blend of:

Pure Sweet Almond Oil (Nourishing), Macadamia Oil (Anti-oxidant) and Pure Essential Oils of Cyprus (Firming), Frankincense (Regenerating), Geranium (Balancing) and Lavender (Healing).

It absorbs quickly, but is rich and works best on clean skin. These oils have been renowned through out history for their anti-aging and anti oxidant properties, to firm and renew skin cells and speed up circulation.

It will help reduce dark circles, the appearance of age spots and help to heal scars, even out skin tone, soften and moisturise. The base oils are said to be the closest found in a babies skin.

Super light, it absorbs easily and is wonderful at nourishing dehydrated skin. Serums trap in the skin's natural water levels, and make sure that it doesn't lose any of its natural moisture, remaining replenished.

To Use: Apply after cleansing. Apply to your skin to quench the skin's thirst for nutrition, wait for a few minutes for it to settle down. For a totally gorgeous and dramatic effect add a touch of our fantastic Frankincense moisturiser too.